RAW118 Design Diet Basics

Regardless of your personal belief on the design of humans, and how we were created, we can recognize the the Hebrew book of (בְּרֵאשִׁית / Bərē’shît) – Genesis Chapter One, as one of the oldest authorities on what humans are designed to eat.

We can therefore begin our understanding of the design of human food with the basics of the Design Diet.

“And God said, ‘Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.  And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat:” and it was so.
(בְּרֵאשִׁית / Bərē’shît) – Genesis 1:29-30


First of all we need to notice that the King James English Bible uses the word “meat” which is clearly talking about plants!  Meat it turns out is just referring to what we consume.  The same word is used for firewood later in the Bible (that which the fire consumes).  This would be the fire’s fuel. Humans are also designed to burn a fyuel, which is measured in calories and joules, measurements of heat and energy!


In later versions of the Bible, “meat” is represented by the word “food.”

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”
Genesis 1:29

Therefore we could say that real food is simply fyuel that we eat at a meating!  Now you know where we get the word meeting – it is where people gathered to eat!

However, food has evolved to mean more than what we are designed to eat.  Bad food, junk food, hospital food, cafe food, almost all are not fyuel – we are not feeding our body what we are designed to eat.


So based on this writing of our design, we will define the fyuel that we are designed to consume and burn within our human bodies.  This will be the basis for the RAW118 Design Diet.


The most important thing to get out of your life for better health is milk!

Nothing in the designed fyuel of humans is from animals.  Humans are obviously designed to eat plants.

In nature, animals that are carnivores — meat-eaters like lions and tigers — don’t have any seminal vesicles.  The only animals that have both prostates and seminal vesicles are herbivores–veggie-eating animals like bulls, apes, rhinoceros, and elephants.  (Take note that these all have a lot of protein and muscle, but they do not eat meet).

Men have seminal vesicles also (something most men rather enjoy having!).  In other words, man has the makeup of an animal that should be a vegetarian, only eating plants. The pigmy chimp, called the bonobo, is “the closest ape to which we are distant relative.” Bonobos and humans have many things in common including the male prostate and seminal vesicles!  Bonobos are — as humans probably were, very long ago — vegetarian plant eaters.  But Bonobos don’t get prostate or breast cancer … unless they are forced to eat a meat based diet.


It is simple, just don’t do it.  In your effort to find the design diet for humans, no idiot has suggested we get down on the grown and suck the tits of a cow, goat or sheep!  So why would anyone suggest we do it from a glass, bottle, or make it into cheese or ice cream?

Milk (dairy) is a disaster based on lies.  Don’t accept it in your truly healthy life!  If you can only do one thing, remove the poison milk from your life.

Seed Plants

The first thing you notice, is there are only plants listed.  Specifically, plants that grow from seeds (plant embryos).

Now this website is mainly concerned with health.  We are not promoting a vegan nor vegetarian way of life, nor are we promoting the people should be involved in the animal rights, nor being animal lovers (although being kind will improve your life and health!)

Nonetheless, the Design of humans is to eat plants and fruit that grows from seeds.  This is important as plants that grow from seeds reproduce the same way as we do.  They have DNA that splits, and half the DNA of the new plant is from the mother plant and half from the father plant.  This provides us with a perfect resource to build human DNA!

Not Harvested Seeds

This list in Genesis 1:29-30 is only about what we should eat, it does not say what we should not eat.  It talks about plants, herbs and fruit that grows with seeds in it.  It does not say gather up (harvest) a whole lot of mango seeds and eat only the seeds.  In fact, it Never says to eat any seeds at all!  So we should not eat them!

Seeds (plant embryos), especially dry seeds, have natural chemicals in them that put the seed to sleep.  The seed goes into a state of suspended animation, until the right conditions waken some enzymes in it.  That removes the chemicals and lets the seed grow into a plant!  The same chemicals put humans to sleep too.  The kind of sleep you do not wake up from!  Our bodies have no enzymes to revive us and make us active.

Not Harvested Seeds

The few seeds you should be eating are not harvested.  This is so, even if you buy them in a bag!  For example, one Brazil Nut a day can be a valuable source of Selenium! One tablespoon of flax seeds. soaked into a flax seed tea, can provide you will all the Omega-3 you need in a day.  Likewise one ounce of English Walnuts (2 and a half walnuts, or a table spoon of chopped walnuts).  The point is, these are seeds you might eat in the wild without harvesting!

“Wet seeds” are not harvested.  Wet seeds are what you get inside of some plant or fruit you are eating.  I blend an apple into a drink, and never give a thought about the seeds!  If I am eating a cucumber or a tomato, I do not remove the seeds.  However, I do not harvest (gather) the seeds into a pile and eat 2 kilos of apple seeds!

Now if you apply this to other plant embryos, you will begin to see the harvested seeds.  Nuts (like pecans and cashews), legumes (beans, lentils and peanuts), grain (like rice, wheat, barley and corn) and seeds, are all harvested and should not be eaten. Likewise most root crops (tubers like potatoes) are not grown from true seeds (they are clones!) and should be avoided.  Carrots would be the one exception I can think of.


The Design has No mention of cooking.  We can then assume cooking was what a person could do with natural resources (picture a man standing in the rain!).  Old faithful, the steam vent geyser would be one steady source of cooking.  Hot springs would be another.

From this we can note it is acceptable (not required) to cook a protion of our food with water cooking.  This would be the Same food.  For example, some steamed squash or boiled carrots.


Now that you have the basics of the Design Diet, let’s have an overview of the RAW118 Design Diet.

RAW is an Acronym and 118 is a Ratio or (percentage).

The Acronym R.A.W. stands for the words, Rich, Amino, and Whole.  The 118 is a ratio (of sorts) as to the amounts you should eat.  Although some have compared RAW118 with the 80-10-10 diet (or 811lfrv), these diets grew up without knowledge of the other and have some very different approach.  However, they may have a similar results for top athletes.

Rich Fyuel (1) – or foods with plant fat (like avocados and coconuts, but other fyuels have fats also.).  This should be 10% (or less) of your Design Metabolic Rate (DMR) kCals.

DMR can be determined by Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) times 190%.  The BMR here would be based on your “ideal weight”, if you are overweight.  ( BMR x 1.9 = DMR ) The DMR kCals would be something close to what a triathlon winner, of your size, would be burning in training and the day of the race.

Based on 10% of the Rich Fyuel, fat content should make up about 5-10% of your daily kCals (or Jules) if you are a top athlete.  You may notice that this would be the same as a top athlete using the 8/10/10 diet 811lfrv by Doug Graham,

This fat is used for cholesterol, to power our hormones and such.  The fact is that a low activity person needs the same amount of fat as their highly active cousins, based on their ideal weight. Remember, this is used for hormones, Vitamin D and such. That could be perhaps as much as 15-19% fat, if you were near bedridden. This aligns well with what raw vegan doctors say, who are treating very ill people.

The “good fats” in Rich Fyuel are needed to make hormones, Vitamin-D and other good oil uses.  The amounts do not change based on activity level or daily calorie needs, but based on that of a person of the same ideal weight.  Only the percentage changes, because less active people, of the same size, burn different daily kCals.

Important Note: In no way are we suggesting calorie restriction from most fruit or vegetables. Our method based the ideal weight BMR to calculate oil kCal needs.

In other words, different people with the same hight, sex and ideal weight, would all need the same amount of fat regardless if they were fat, thin, active in triathlons, or a couch potato wanting to recover. The percentage of their daily kCal needs for fat would change, but the amount would be the same.

Amino Fyuel (1) – or foods with plant Amino Acids.  These would be your dark green leafy vegetables.  10% of your daily kCals (not DMR) should be your dark green leaf vegetables. Half a Kg per day of dark green leafy veggies will do this for most people. Blend them in a fyuelgood (smoothie) and all you need is fruits and vegetables to fill up your daily kCal needs.

Whole Fyuel (8) – This would make up the bulk of your daily kCal fyuel. That is not Rich Fyuel and not Amino Fyuel.  This is fruits like bananas and vegetables like squash and carrots.  For an athlete this may be 80-85% of his daily needs, but it may drop to as low as 72% of the daily kCal needs of a person in bed all day.

In the real world, you would take the daily kCal needs of a person, subtract 10% for Amino Fyuel.  Then subtract the Rich Fyuel kCals for fat.  The kCals left would be any Whole Fyuel, mainly fruit.

Whole Fyuel kCal = Daily kCal – 10% Amino Fyuel kCal – (10% * DMR) Rich Fyuel kCal

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