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Observation Vs. Theory

Medicine, prior to the third century CE, was based on observation.  For example, people who ate citrus fruits did not get scurvy.

During the third century CE, a new form of thinking was introduced, the theory. By 317CE this new form of “theory thinking” was being applied to a great many things, health included.

At first, the theory of health led people to observations.  People talked about untested theories and “proof” was provided by observation.  In time the theory became supreme to observation.  Theories became quite profitable.

Need vs Greed

As theories became profitable, need gave way to greed. A “theory” that became “fact” could make fortunes!

The problem with all this is that the “facts” and “proof” of theories can be manipulated.

For example, the Milk (or Dairy) Industry tell you the LIE that “milk is high in calcium and good for strong bones.”  Their “research” shows that drinking milk (while taking a number of drugs to counteract the effects of proteins) will make bones stronger.  They neglect to report that to make milk “safe” you must totally drug the patient!

True research shows that milk, although high in calcium, actually weakens bones.  Milk is one of the common causes of osteoporosis (due to high levels of harmful proteins).  All other research shows that high calcium diets do NOT strengthen the bones.  Low protein diets with adequate plant amino acids strengthen bones, and builds muscle, even low calcium diets!

Likewise, milk (dairy including cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc.) has Casein Protein, a strong peptide associated with Autism, Gut Syndromes (Crohn’s, Celiac, Irritable Bowel, etc.), Psychology issues, and numbers of doctors have linked milk and casein to most Cancers.

The Dairy Industry has spent billions of dollars “proving” the LIE that “Milk is good for us!”  The truth is milk should be labelled as poison!

We recommend that humans do not consume milk or dairy products at all.

Note:  When we say “milk” we are in no way speaking about human breast milk fed to nursing infants.  We are talking about consuming milk from another species.  Human milk is ideal for human babies… Breast fed is best fed!

Need gave way to Greed

Need gave way to Greed.  Observation gave way to Theory.  The Industrial revolution of technology, which improved human life, gave way to the destruction of true health with the birth and rise of the Food Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Medical Industry, and the Hospital Industry. These four “Industries” are the largest money making endeavour in human history.

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Industries or Enemies

Today we have added the unhealthy “Health Food Industry” as well as an unlimited number of “Health Industries!”  Most of which are only marginally associated to real health by “comparative health.”

“Health” and “Healthy” today are words based on “comparative health”.  Comparative health is, as it sounds, comparing one substance or program to another substance or program.  One being “healthy” compared to the other.

Some examples of Comparative Health

  • The poison arsenic is much more “healthy” than the poison cyanide because cyanide will kill you faster than arsenic (once used as rat poison!).
  • Lead is obviously a “health” product when compared to (the more toxic) mercury!  However, both will kill you!
  • The poisons in  milk are more “healthy” that either arsenic or lead or the poison called sugar!  (Yet all these will make your health deteriorate, and will eventually kill you, some just kill you faster!)

Today most confuse Wealth for Health!  Theory for Unbiased Observation! Greed for Need!  And Industry for Enemy (when related to health).

Wisdom of Design

The RAW118 Design Diet was based on the wisdom and knowledge of the ages…  People before theory had more knowledge and understanding of the Design of Humans!

Science has proven we have a design in our Genetic Code (DNA).  All known codes come from Intelligent Design.  Now different people may have different ideas about who the designer is (God or Allah or even advanced space aliens!) Nonetheless, the DNA in every one of the trillions of cells in each body, indicates that we do have a design.

Like any car (Gasoline or Diesel for example) requires the right kind of fuel to be “healthy”, we humans have a Fyuel designed “For Your Ultimate Earthly Life!”, which is true health.

The RAW118 Design Diet is based on Fyuel Designs that existed prior to the age of Theory.  Therefore we use old texts, prior to the third century CE.  However, these texts are often found in “religious books” and other places (dead sea scrolls for example) that some would consider associated with some current or past culture or religion (like the Essenes).  It is not the goal of this website to promote any religion, but instead to harvest the wisdom of the ages, in finding the Design of the Human Fyuel for the health of our bodies.

Anecdotal Science

True Science is found in unbiased observation.  Modern Medicine (Medical Industry) totally discards unbiased observation as “Anecdotal Evidence.”  In other words, they have not spent billions of dollars of research proving what anyone can see, and they won’t either!  The reason is they are an Industry, they are in it for the money.  So if Industry cannot make money doing it, they won’t do it.

“Most people eat S.A.D.
The Suicide Addiction Diet!”

~~ David Tait ~~

However, consider the following:

  • A parent of a child with autism does not need a multi-billion dollar research project to tell that their child’s condition improved significantly by using the RAW118 Design Diet.
  • I do not need a huge study to tell you that the gout in my foot, the pain, the swelling, the red and purple color, went away when I started eating the RAW118 Design Diet.
  • My doctor did not need a huge research project to explain to me that, “you have cured your incurable diabetes and do not need insulin or any other form of medication for it any longer.”  (Nor did he need this research to recommend the RAW118 Design Diet to his family and friends!)
  • The Doctor who did my followup echo-cardiogram did not need research to tell me “you enlarged heart has now returned to a normal size!” He was amazed I did this with the RAW118 Design Diet alone (no medication).
  • Numerous doctors have have not needed billion dollar research to remove hypertension medication from their patients following the RAW118 Design Diet when their high blood pressure returned to normal.
  • Doctors treating obesity do not need medical research to “un-prescribe” medications for people following the RAW118 Design Diet, who are no longer obese from eating SAD (Suicide Addiction Diet).

We postulate therefore that “Anecdotal Science, is the collection of unbiased observations, which the money making, for profit medical industry disregard as ‘anecdotal evidence,’ meaning ‘unprofitable!’” – David Tait

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