Industries or Enemies

An “Industry” is a money making, for profit, group of businesses (think Automotive Industry or Banking Industry.

This article is about Industries which are related directly to our human health…  These include the Food Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Medical Industry, and the Hospital Industry. These four “Industries” are the largest money making endeavour in human history.  These Industries have have become the Enemies of our health.

Design vs. Profit

The primary business activity of any Industry is to make money. Industry is not designed to help you have an optimum life, or happiness, or for any reason other than to make money for its investors.

Food Industry

The Food Industry’s purpose is to make as much money as they can, by selling you something to eat that will not kill you, today!

The Food Industry is NOT interested in providing you with the best Fyuel that your body was designed to run on.  It is designed to promote a product they will make the maximum amount of money one.  For example, growing oranges and tomatoes with longer shelf life, but removing the vitamin C so it does not rot as fast!

Medical Industry

When the food from the Food Industry begins to break down our bodies and cause us some Dis-Ease – we are trained to go to the doctor. Our class rooms in schools are full of posters put our by the councils of industries.  They teach us as children what food we should eat to make the Industry money, and they teach us to go to a doctor to stay healthy.  Unfortunately, for doctors to have beautiful homes, be rich and drive nice cars, they need sick people to pay them money.  A huge conflict of interest!

So the Food Industry causes our Dis-Ease (along with the pollution industries), and when we go to the Medical Industry Doctor, he tries to make money by prescribing Pharmaceuticals to get rid of the symptoms of Dis-Ease, without really addressing the cause.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical Industry (the largest or mother industry of the theory industries), then earns an enormous amount of money selling you pills, shots and other things. Their sales force is the Medical Industry. People study at universities set up by the Pharmaceutical Industry to train “Doctors” to be sales agents of the Pharmaceutical Industry products.

Now the pills and shots and patches and inhalers me buy, make the Pharmaceutical Industry the richest industry in the world.  However, what do they sell?  They sell things to get rid or lesson our Dis-Ease.

Consider these “medications” doctors prescribed not long ago…

  • Laudanum – morphine and codeine previously prescribed for coughs and for common aches and pains (today called Deodorized Tincture of Opium (DTO) and clearly labelled POISON in red letters!).
  • Mercurachrome – an antiseptic that contained mercury, it was nationally banned in 1998.
  • Mercury – used as a treatment for syphilis (today clearly labelled POISON in red letters!).
  • Medication Recalls – in the first 55 days of 2012, the FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration) issued 16 recalls of drugs.  On average, that is one drug recall every three and a half days!  Does your doctor / pharmacy check the medicine recall list daily?

The Pharmaceutical Industry sells what makes money based on its own theories!

The Hospital Industry

The final stop on this Industrial train is the Hospital. Final is a reality for many people. I talked to a doctor who stopped performing heart bypass operations because he “got tired of killing people!” (1 out of 10 die during the operation!) According to this doctor, diet works better than surgery, and no one ever died by eating a better diet! If a person refuse to change their lifestyle, then it is their choice to die.

New Industries

“Most people eat S.A.D.
The Suicide Addiction Diet!”

~~ David Tait ~~

New Industries are starting to compete for this “Health Wealth” including many alternative treatments.  For example…

Health Food Industry

Along the way, some people improve their health with “Health Food.”

Unfortunately, “Health food is not so healthy anymore.” ~ David Tait

Recently I was in a health food store to buy some raw Brazil nuts and I noticed that 98-99% of the “Health Food” they were selling was really not very healthy.  It was just another money making healthier option than eating SAD.


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